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Writing Activities for Kids – Rainbow Writing

Writing Activities for Kids – Rainbow Writing



This week we are going to give you more writing activities for kids and especially a few ideas for your older students.

As grade school kids learn to write, they are also learning to tell beautiful stories with descriptive words. Too often students are just quick to explain a story- and they are losing the art of illustrative story telling.

We thought it would be a good idea to incorporate bright colors to appeal to the visual learner, the kinesthetic learner is going to enjoy holding and touching the paint cards, and all learners should enjoy these writing activities for kids.


This is a great activity that is FREE! Grab a few paint samples at any local paint store (I even got mine at Walmart) and some sharpies. Have students write some simple words on the top and lightest color (good, bad, sad, happy, etc) and then ask them to find additional more descriptive words that mean the same as the top word.


Depending on the age of the student, they may need some help.  This also gives students a chance to use a thesaurus. If you have access to a hard copy, great! If not- that’s ok- you can find use a great online one HERE  




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