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Ways to Reduce Testing Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Testing Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Testing Anxiety

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It is very common to experience testing anxiety at some level. Most students will feel this anxiety prior to taking a test and it can be a problem if the anxiety affects performance on their exams. However, there are ways to reduce testing anxiety, and prepare themselves so they can perform better, and even lower their anxiety as well.

General Preparation Builds Confidence:

To start with, students should develop good study skills such as time management, organization, and finding what learning styles they function best using.

Also, it is beneficial for students to review past performance on tests and learn from them.

Tips to Reduce Anxiety During the Test:

Approach the exam with confidence.

Be prepared.

Choose a comfortable location for taking the test.

Allow yourself plenty of time for studying before hand.

Don’t try to cram in everything in a short time frame.

Strive for a relaxed state of concentration.

Physically it has been proven helpful to have regular exercise in your weekly schedule to release stress and focus your mind.

It is also important for the student to not show up with an empty stomach, they need to eat a nutritious balanced light meal. Enough to keep them energetic, not too much to cause any uneasiness.

Relax, don’t think about your fear and take deep breaths and the student should talk to themselves using positive reinforcement!

Good luck with the test!


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