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Vocabulary Review Activity

Vocabulary Review Activity


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Let’s go on a vocabulary journey!  Every text is chalk full of new and exciting words that are key to understanding what is happening in the plot.  Have you ever finished a book with a student and wondered what to do with all those words you learned?  This fun, homemade vocabulary review activity game is not only a great way to review the words but also a way to throw in some other literacy fundamentals.


All you need is construction paper to make the board, a game piece, a list of learned vocabulary words, and a dye!  Seriously so simple!


Make a game board with as many spaces as desired.  Then inside each space put something that needs to be done with that word.  Ideas that could be included on the board are:


–         how many syllables

–         how many vowels

–         name a vowel sound you hear

–         use the word in a sentence

–         tell what the word means

–         give an antonym or synonym for the word

–         spell the word 3 times

–         find a rhyming word

–         snap/clap with the word for vowels and consonants


It would be a good idea to flash through the stack of vocabulary words a few times to get them fresh in the student’s memory before beginning the game.


Play the game!  Have blast racing to the end of the board and reviewing words at the same time!


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