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Visual Learners Multiplication Chart

Visual Learners Multiplication Chart

I absolutely LOVE this multiplication chart found HERE for visual learners!

Did you know exactly what a visual learner is?  Visual learners are those students who learn things best by being able to see what is they are learning.  The love models, colors, maps, charts, pictures, and graphs.  Try some of these things when working with one of your visual learners!

Teachers often teach and introduce multiplication using arrays.  These are types of pictures to show a certain multiplication fact; for example, 4 x 3 you would draw 4 boxes over and 3 boxes down to show a total answer of 12.  Teachers do this because they want students to understand what multiplying actually means not simply only memorize the facts.  This table is awesome because it is written to scale and has a tiny block that is multiplied visually for those students to understand the concept of multiplication even better!  What a great resource to help your visual learners actually see how multiplication works!  Follow this link to print your own copy, its a great reference.


Click HERE for the full download!

Plus check out for great puzzles and more!


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