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Creating Sight Words In Unexpected Ways

Creating Sight Words In Unexpected Ways

Creating Sight Words in Unexpected Ways!


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Instagram is such a great community for sharing creativity. We have been admiring Melanie Burk on Instagram for years.  Her blog, Fifth and Hazel,  is beautiful, her mind is visionary. She is very innovative, and shares some beautiful design work. Over the last year she has been doing this “Unexpected Type” series on instagram, and her blog.

It is a fun learning opportunity she does with her daughter, and has really made us see new and interactive ways to learn with our children.

The Unexpected Type series, is taking a word- and spelling it creatively. We think this is a great idea for spelling as well as for recognizing sight words.

Not just writing it with pencils on paper, but building the word with objects that resemble the word.

The possibilities are endless, and think about how much fun AND learning could be hand with your children. This activity would be especially helpful for the tactile hands on learners to master their spelling and sight words.

Here are a few of our favorites . . .

ut2 ut3 ut4 ut5 ut6 ut7 ut8 ut9

Thank you Melanie for sharing your creativity with us!

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