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Understanding Your Surroundings

Understanding Your Surroundings

Understanding Your Surroundings- My Place in the World

One of the more difficult concepts for younger school age children to understand is their surroundings. They tend to be egocentric and know a lot about what is direectly around them. Home, family, friends, etc.
One of the best ideas I have seen for teaching children about understanding your surroundings, the entire world and their place in it, was on This site had a great idea for helping children understand their place in the world.
You will need a paper plate, and 5 different colored pieces of paper. on the first and smallest circle- have the student draw a picture of their house. On the next largest circle, they draw a picture of their city. On the next 3, it is best to google “(your state) coloring page” the, United states map” “American Continent” map, etc. Those will be your next 3 circles and have the students color the. On the paper plate, have the child use markers to color the whole plate like a planet. Once all 6 parts are done- you compile them together stacked with the smallest on top- and ring them together.
This is a great visualization for a student to see the bigger picture of the world around them, and their place in the world.
Thank you again to for the great idea!



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