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Understanding Numbers Activity

Understanding Numbers Activity

Shark Attack


This is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘greater than, less than’ to your children.  When it comes to children understanding numbers, comparing numbers is one of the biggies!  For this activity, I took a paper plate and cut out some sharp, pointy teeth.  I think added some eyes and a greater/less than sign that could work both ways if you flipped the plate.  Then I told my child that sharks like to eat a lot and if they were eating numbers they would always want to eat the biggest number. I laid out two face cards and then asked my child which number the shark would want to eat, reminding him that they want to eat the bigger number. After each turn I would have him repeat after me “3 is LESS than 5” “7 is GREATER than 2” etc.
While doing this activity with my son, I felt like it was important for him to understanding why number on the card was the biggest.  We counted each item on the card and then looked at our number line to see where they both landed.  In math it is essential for students to not just understand how to do something, but for them to understand the ‘why’!
It’s a great activity he really enjoyed, I hope your kids will too!


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