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The Importance of Daily Reading

The Importance of Daily Reading

The Importance of Daily Reading


Today I want to discuss why daily reading with your child is so important, even from a very young age. If daily reading begins in infancy, by the time the child is 5 years old, they have 900 hours of being brain fed already! Unfortunately when a child turns 5, thats when most parents start the daily reading. Give your child a head start by reading very early on. It helps your child identify with the world around the, learn to focus on a story, and learn about whatever the content of the book is.

Books will help children develop vital language skills. The more children are read to, the better they become as readers. Its a very simple fact.  Futurologists used to predict the death of the printed word but, ironically, Internet has made reading more and more a part of people’s daily lives.
Reading also has the ability to open up a child to new worlds and enrich their lives. They will learn and be exposed to things they never would have known otherwise. Stories and characters have the ability to teach children about important decisions and consequences without the child actually having to experience the problem in reality.
“Children are influenced by and imitate the world around them. While a steady diet of violent cartoons may have a detrimental effect on children’s development, carefully chosen stories and books can have a positive influence on children, sensitizing them to the needs of others. For example, books can encourage children to be more cooperative, to share with others, to be kind to animals, or to respect the natural environment. ” –source
One of the great benefits of reading is the social engagement it encourages. Although you may think that reading is a solitary activity- when done with the parents- it can aid in discussion topics and can be a bonding activity. As children get older- you can read books with them and talk about what you have read together.
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