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Thanksgiving Dress Up – Thanksgiving writing activity

Thanksgiving Dress Up – Thanksgiving writing activity

Need a fun Thanksgiving activity?  This is a fun art project and a great Thanksgiving writing activity!


Don’t let your turkey get caught and eaten for Thanksgiving dinner!  Dress him up, disguise him, and help him get away from the hunters!  Then write a short story about how he got away, where he went, and what his plans for to stay safe for Christmas too. This is a great Thanksgiving writing activity!

Be as creative as you want in creating the turkey! Here I have used simple construction paper. You can use real feathers, make it 3D, color the turkey with crayon and then add different materials to it to add texture like tin foil, pipe cleaners, melted wax, plastic wrap, or anything else you can think of.  Once you have your masterpiece created, it is time to start the Thanksgiving writing activity portion.

Writing this story is a great chance to have them focus on writing details into their story. Have them describe what their turkey would wear in detail. They should write at least 3 parts to the turkey’s get-away story. Have them describe the villain in the story as well; why are they after THIS turkey?  Will his plan for staying safe over Christmas be the same or different? How will the winter weather change how he dresses or where he goes to hide.

When you are done with your turkeys, use them as decorations in your house.  You can laminate them and use them for placemats for your turkey dinner!

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