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Thanksgiving Activities- Spelling Stones

Thanksgiving Activities- Spelling Stones


We are all for festive learning opportunities here! This one we love! It combines art, spelling, hands on learning, exploring nature and most especially – Thanksgiving activities!

Basically, you want to take your kids on a nature walk! Help them explore and walk them around to gather some rocks with your student- paint them black first- then paint letters for “THANKSGIVING” on the rocks- one letter per rock.


Once the rocks have dried, tell the students to arrange the rocks to build as many words as they can think of!

Here, they are getting the chance to build words with their hands, and manipulate the rocks- think of all the words they could build!  Plus, this is a great activity for kinesthetic learners!

Once they build a word, have them write it down on paper so they can track all the words they build, then move onto another word!
If your child is the competitive type, have a contest to see who can build the most words! It is great to add a game element to Thanksgiving activities.

Thank you to for providing us with this great idea- we love it!




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