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Teaching Long Division

Teaching Long Division

Long Division // Short Division

Long vs. Short Division
Having trouble teaching long division, simplify it! This simple trick comes from Math Guide.
Short Division example below:
1. 6 into 25 = 4
2. 1 left over, draw it in front of the 3
3. 6 into 13 = 2
4. 1 left over, draw it in front of the 2
5. 6 x 2 = 12, No remainder!


When I first came across this trick I was amazed!  Here was a grown adult and a teacher/tutor and I had no idea about this trick!  This came right at the right time for me because I have been working with one of my tutoring clients on long division for a while now.  The thing about long division is that it is LONG.  There are so many steps that if you don’t go slow and get every step correct, you can mess up the answer!  Thanks for the awesome trick!

Here’s something fun:

Long division takes a while to master and can become kind of monotonous and boring, but you can totally have fun with it!  Here’s how-

1) Write a division problem into the bottom of 12 paper muffin cups, put them into a muffin tin, and have your student bounce a ping pong ball into the tin to see which one they have to answer!

2)  Roll dice 4 times to find the 4 different numbers used in long division problem (1 number for the divisor, 4 for the dividend)

3)  Make a quick game board with one problem on each space.  Grab a dice and play!  Answer the problem on the space where you land.


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