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Teaching How to Read

Teaching How to Read

Teaching How to Read- Raising a Reader


Please follow THIS LINK to read the enlarged infographic on Raising Readers provided . This infographic displays how combining phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension make produce the most successful readers. They have so many wonderful educational resources- and this one specifically discuses the advantages and alternatives to phonics. Thank you !

Here are some of the main points that the infographic gives:

– there are both pros and cons of teaching reading through phonics

– when helping/teaching your child to read, use as many strategies and techniques as possible

– read words slowly, stretch them out for your child to hear them

– read aloud to your child as often as you can

– have your child read aloud, it forces them to go slower and therefore give them time process what is being read

– help your learner build their vocabulary by using everyday things (label things around the house, vividly describe colors and textures)

– find good books that help with phonetics (The Bob Books, Go Dog Go, Amelia Bedelia)

– begin at an early age

– read interesting stories

– show children exactly how to sound out words

Wow, there is a lot of information!  My suggestion?  Start by just giving your child access to books- read to them, have them retell you to story, have them look at the pictures… Really, just READ!


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