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Teaching Greatest Common Factor

Teaching Greatest Common Factor

Teaching Greatest Common Factor


I found this blog this week, and I love it! She has some great ideas for teaching math concepts to upper elementary kids.
Students can often be overwhelmed in math because they have so much information they aren’t sure how to first of all, organize- then be able to take the information and solve the problem.
When teaching greatest common factor using a Venn Diagram is the way to go!
Start by drawing 2 circles that overlap in the center. In the each separate section of the diagram write down all the factors for each number. (See picture) Go through and circle each common factor and list those in the center of the diagram, the greatest of those numbers is the Greatest Common Factor!  A venn diagram is a fun visual tool to help your learners who learn best by seeing how things actually operate.
I hope this helps you as you work with your students.

Although we love this way to work with greatest common factor, we realize that not all learners will learn the same!  Try working with some other strategies also, check this website out for other fabulous methods-


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