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Successful Parent Teacher Conferences

Successful Parent Teacher Conferences


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Its that time of year! Your children’s teachers have had time to get into a routine, assess the students and get a sense of their learning styles and now its time for the Parents and Teachers to meet up!

When I was teaching I loved Parent Teacher Conferences because it was a chance to turn the separate roles of parent and teacher into a combined team effort, all routing for the student!

Here are some tips for creating successful parent teacher conferences.

1. Talk with your child before hand, and discuss any questions they have and jot some notes down to take with you.

2. Be prompt! There are so many families for the teacher to see, so arrive on time as a courtesy to everyone else.

3. Start with the positive comments. Even if you have some concerns, start by setting the mood on the lighter side. It will make the rest of your discussion easier to navigate.

4. Stay focused on the child, and their school work. This is not the best time to get into lengthy discussions and sports or the weather. The people behind you in line sure would appreciate you sticking to what matters most.

5. Listen to the suggestions from the teacher with an open mind. Sometimes its hard to hear your child isn’t doing as well as you had hoped, so listen to the teachers perspective and be understanding.

6. Take notes during your conference, and go take these back to your child to discuss what you learned and what areas you want to work on with your student.

7. Use the information you gather during the parent teacher conference to improve. You may need to improve your study routines, your reward system, your attitudes, etc.

8. Continue communication with your child teacher throughout the year, you don’t always need a set up conference to talk with them. Talk to them when you have a concern after school hours, email, etc.


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