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Sight Words Parking Lot

Sight Words Parking Lot

Sight Words Parking Lot

Anyone else have a hard time getting those wiggly little boys to sit down and focus long enough to learn anything?

I found this idea on Juggling with Kids and I LOVED it! Especially for boys.

When your students are back in school they will likely have several sight words that they need to work on each week.  Sight words or high frequency words are the 100 most commonly used words in the English language. It is assumed if your student can learn these 100 words, they will have 80% of the written words they will encounter down, and will only have to phonetically sound out the rest of the words they see.

When your student knows these sight words, they read and write much more fluently.  So obviously your student needs to learn these words- why not make it fun?

For this idea, you need a poster- a marker- and toy cars.

You draw “parking spaces” and write a sight word in each one, and then play the game with your little one. Shout out a word and see how fast they can vrooom their car over to the right spot and park their car there.  Then switch it up a bit and have them drive their car to any spot they choose and read the word aloud to you.  What a great interactive activity for your hands on learner!

sightwords sightwords2

Our local tutors are always say find a way to make learning fun, and I can’t imagine little learners having more fun with sight words!

Thanks again Juggling with kids for the great idea!  Visit the website for more fun ideas at


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