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Scientific Skills Activity // Color Book

Scientific Skills Activity // Color Book

This scientific skills activity is awesome for older kids but also a great opportunity to get younger kids interested and excited about science concepts.


Help your student build and strengthen their deductive skills with this scientific skills activity.  Turn observing, researching and experimenting into a fun and colorful activity for your kids with this great printable!

How do you create the book?  Print it out, find the colors needed to complete the books, and go at it!  Mix the colors, find them in the real world, discover your friends favorite colors- each of the pages contains a great scientific skills activity!

All of these are great skills for education as the students are older, but this is a wonderful opportunity to start building those skills while they are young with subjects they understand. This book is a quick & free download and has so many fun ideas for how to get your kids interactively learning about color.  If you ever need something fun and thought provoking with your student,  Mr Printables has some amazing resources, this particular one is my favorite. Click this link to download the book.


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