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Preposition Activities

Preposition Activities

This is a great print out and one of a few preposition activities to help those visual learners understand prepositions even better! Thanks to!


I love this idea but sometimes one activity is not enough for a student to master a skill.  Here are some more preposition activities to try:

Name That Preposition

This game can simply involve helping students to brainstorm as many prepositions that they can think of. There are over 100 different prepositions in the English language; so, students can have a lot of fun with this game and can play for a long time.

Simply define a preposition for students, and then ask them to list as many as they can. You can have them write their lists on a piece of paper and the student who has the most prepositions wins the game.

Preposition Scavenger Hunt

Once children have made a long list of prepositions, you can then do a preposition scavenger hunt.

Have one student step out of the room for a moment and hide something in the room, such as a piece of candy or some other desirable object. When the student returns, the other students can direct him to the hidden object using only prepositions.

For example, they can tell the student that the hidden object is “up, down, around, against, aside, by, under” and so on. Ensure they use prepositions only until the student finds the hidden object.


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