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Planning a Study Routine

Planning a Study Routine



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One of the many things we learned about during our homework bonding tutoring event last month was planning a study routine. There are many benefits of starting routines early. The earlier the better! Especially as your students get older, they will need to know how to set, plan, and follow an organized routine. It is essential for success! Below we are sharing a way you too can help your students set up a good study routine. It is a wonderful educational tool to help your student maximize their learning and organization.

Plan Your Study Routine






My available times:



Child’s available times:



Optimal Time(s):

                Mon-                                                                                    Thurs-

                Tues-                                                                                   Fri-

                Wed-                                                                                    Sat-


Remember to have each child identify what they need your help on

the most and save that for the time you have to work with them.


Planner Check:

  1. Done each day with homework time.
  2. Check that it has been filled in, and help them prioritize according to due date, point value, grade in class, and how long it will take.
  3. Help them chunk large assignments into smaller pieces.


Backpack and folder clean out day:


Grade Check Day:


What will they do on no homework days:



101 ways to praise a child                                          One on one time

Point system                                                           



My preparation for homework time:

  1. I will ____________________________________________________________________to get my mind clear.
  2. I will think of 3 things my child is great at.
  3. I will think of 3 things I love about my child.

We hope this will help you with your learners, please click the link below to download your own free copy of the study routine planner!



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