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Race Car Phonics // Hands on Learning Game

Race Car Phonics // Hands on Learning Game

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When we are working with little kids, the number one thing we want them to do is have fun. Anytime we can disguise a learning activity as a game, we are sold! This one is super easy to set up and sure helps those little kids get involved and learn lots without them even knowing it!

For this particular post, I did a phonics game!
Phonics has always been one of the most fun subjects for me to brainstorm games with.

Using a dry erase board, or even a piece of paper – draw “parking spaces”


In each parking space you can write letters, sounds, sentences, math facts, sight words, etc .

Next, give your little learner some toy cars.

Tell them to “park the cars” on the answer to the question you ask!

“Where is the ‘G’?”

“What is 2 x 10?”

“Park all the cars on words that rhyme with bat”


The possibilities are endless! You can change this simple activity up so many ways!

How fun for your kids if they give YOU questions, and you have to park the car on the answers too.

Kids love to “teach” as well!

If you use this idea we would love to see!

Stay tuned for more educational tips this week!


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