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Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources – Story Time on the Web!

With the holiday season upon us we all can get super busy! Often during busy times, we skip some of the tasks we need to be consistent on, such as reading to our kids and making sure their learning continues.  I hate to admit that it even happens to me and at the end of each night I feel guilty that we didn’t get much educational time that day!
I found 
this GREAT resource that will buy you a few minutes during a busy afternoon AND make sure your children don’t miss out on a night of being read to.
Barnes & Noble has Online Storytime.  Amazing huh?!
It has several stories you can choose from that are read aloud by authors, and celebrities.
All you need to do is push play and the stories come alive for your little learners.
Make sure to check it out and use it when you need it most!

I love the internet for educational purposes, not only are there websites that will read fun stories to your children but also the online learning resources are literally endless!

Here are few great websites to try out with your kids:



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