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Number Sense- Math Guess Who

Number Sense- Math Guess Who

Gaining Number Sense- Math Guess Who

I found this GREAT game that I love for helping students have fun with math, and challenge their thinking.
I found it HERE
This game comes from the famous “Guess Who?”
The characters have been replaced by the numbers 1 to 24 (you can of course change the numbers). Students must find the hidden number. Thurs 1: Possible questions: – Is the number greater than … ? – The number is it smaller than … ? – The number it is understood between … and … ? – Does the number have a … in the tens place ? – Is the number even ? The student then would put down any number that doesn’t apply. Turns go back and forth and the winning number should be left standing!


I love finding games that improve numbers sense!  It has been proven that when students have solid number sense, all higher level math is easier- plus it’s easy to find number sense games!  Have you ever seen or tried the Math Dice by Think Fun?  These are great dice where you roll two dice to find your target number, then use division, multiplication, subtraction, or division to get as close as you can to that target number.  See if you can find some and try them!


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