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More Fun Learning Activities- Leaf Adventure!

More Fun Learning Activities- Leaf Adventure!

This post was written by one of our great tutors, Meredith!  Hope you are enjoying are ideas for fun learning activities!


This was one of my very favorite, fun learning activities to do with my 3rd grade class!  It’s simple, fun, and the kids just LOVE it!

Begin by reading the book, “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert.  This is such a fun colorful book and the illustrations are made from real fall leaves, kids will eat up the pictures!

 Leaf Man Book

Following the book, which will get child imaginations spinning, begin with a lesson or follow up lesson on similes and metaphors.  During the lesson move into how the different weather elements are easy launch pads to create interesting similes and metaphors.  Share some ideas that you came up with for leaves:


Autumn leaves lay on the grass like a thick, soft carpet.

Just like a feather, leaves drift slowly the ground.

The leaves are a blanket covering the ground.

Red leaves fall as gracefully as a ballerina.


Have students write their own simile or metaphor for falling leaves.  Don’t get too anxious about this- they are actually better at it then you would think!  But I did like to give the metaphor or simile a look before they did their final copy with permanent marker.


Here comes the fun and BEST part- go on a leaf hunt!  Look for the most colorful and coolest shaped leaves you can find and enjoy being our in the crisp fall air!


Collect as many as you want and create as many neat leaf man or other fun pictures you want!


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