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Manipulative Math

Manipulative Math

Manipulative Math


I can’t say it enough times- young children need several options to learn.  This is not only because several options means several different ways to practice the concept but also because not all children learn the same way.  There are visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners.  Therefore, quite often, a great way of helping them learn is by doing hands on activities that are fun to them- that will help them learn!
This activity I found on Positively Learning and thought it was a great way for the students to learn math through manipulative math.
As you can see in the picture, students are going to build math problems with building blocks. They will use 2 colors – each color will identify one of the number in an addition problem, and they will attach together to solve the problem at hand.
For example- 2+6=8
2 red cubes, plus 6 black cubes equals 8 all together.
You could also use this same idea for subtraction, starting with the largest number, and breaking away the smaller number of pieces to see how many cubes are left.
Thanks again to Positively Learning for sharing this activity with us!  Out tutors can’t wait to use it with their students!


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