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Making Proper Citations

Making Proper Citations

Making Proper Citations

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This week I would like to share a great resource for students who are doing research papers.
My husband teaches high school, my mom teaches public speaking at a college level and both of them constantly talk about how amazing this web site is.

The web site is Citation Machine, you can clickHERE to see for yourself.

Let me explain what a great resource this is. When a student is asked to write a paper at a secondary level, they are required to cite their resources. This is required to prove your papers points, and to make sure you are not plagiarizing any information. Plagiarizing can be punished with failing grades, and sometime expulsion. It’s taken very seriously.  So making proper citations is knowledge that is very usable!

Your teacher/professor will require you to use either MLA or APA formatting for your citations. It usually depends of the teachers preference for what they choose.

Once you have gathered all your resources, you need to cite them at the end of your paper.

This is where Citation Machine comes in handy. In the left hand corner of the site, you select which format you are required to use. Then you will be directed to a selection of all different kinds of resources. (Books, Journals, Magazines, Web sites, etc.) Once you select which type of source you are citing, you then answer the questions required about the source. You plug in the answers and then click “MAKE CITATION.” Once that has been selected, voila! Your source has been arranged for you in proper format. You copy paste the generated citation, and you are all done.

I hope this resource is helpful for your students as they write papers!


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