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Magnetic Sight Words

Magnetic Sight Words

Magnetic Sight Words


First of all, I hope everyone had a great summer! Academic Advancement is gearing up for a great school year. This blog will be updated with a new educational activity every Monday throughout the school year. If you have any requests for tips, tricks, or ideas on how to teach a certain subject – please leave a comment in comment section and we would love to help you out!

Today’s activity comes from a great blog called Make Take Teach, they have so many wonderful activities for working with children.

Just recently they posted this idea of how to help children with sight words. If only requires your printer, a cookie sheet and magnetic letters.

You can print out the templates FOR FREE and you stick them to a cookie sheet, the child then builds the words with the magnetic letters.

This is a great educational tool for many reasons, but especially because it is a fun way for the student to learn! It is a new way for children to practice sight words. They are using hands on learning to build these words and sounding the letters out as they go along.

They also have templates for sight word sentences, and a fun 4-in-a-row game as well.

Please print these out and use them with your student! Its a great resource.


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