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Literature Learning Card Game!

Literature Learning Card Game!

Lit.’s in the Cards

Here’s a fun and simple game to ensure that your high school student focuses on the important aspects of a piece of literature- call it literature learning!  Every piece of literature is jam packed with literary elements. This game will help them analyze what’s most essential! Use this to prepare for a literature quiz or literature circle!

Full House

• You will need a standard deck of cards (remove face cards, jokers, and the numbers 5-10), an index card to create a key, and the assigned text.

Steps to Play the Game!

1. Before beginning the game, read the assigned literature.

2. Shuffle the cards and make a pile with all cards face down.

3. Create the key on the index card:
a. Hearts = character or setting
b. Spades = plot (exposition, complications, climax, resolution)
c. Clubs = theme
d. Diamonds = literary techniques
i. Some examples of literary techniques the student might talk about- illusion, figurative language, irony, motif, point of view, flashback

4. Turn over the top card, and check the suit and the number of the selected card.

5. Check the key to determine what element of literature you need to tell for the card you selected. For instance, if you choose a card with hearts you are responsible for talking about a character or the setting of the text.

6. The number on the card determines how many statements you must make about that element. If you choose a three of hearts, you are responsible for name three things about one of the characters from the book.

7. If you select an ace, it’s a free pass. The player collects the card and leaves it in front of him, face up. When all four aces have been collected, the review is over!

 This game could be easily adapted to elementary age children. The literary elements just need to be made more simple, for example, questioning or sequencing. I played this with my 2nd grader and he LOVED it!

Thanks for the inspiration!


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