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Learning Quotes / Albert Einstein

Learning Quotes / Albert Einstein

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Here at Academic Advancement, a local Utah County tutoring company, we obviously encourage finding opportunities to learn at all times throughout the day. We love encouraging learning through daily play, games, and just conversation!

One great way to get the learning communication rolling is learning quotes. Learning quotes are great! We love researching them, and finding learning quotes we can share with our customer base.

Of all the smart people in the world, who better to quote than Albert Einstein

We love quotes on learning! Learning quotes are great because they help us feel inspired and they help us value learning even more. This particular quote by Albert Einstein we really enjoyed because it takes the pressure off academics, and puts perspective on the importance of play. When kids get outside, or play around their house they are learning! Your children don’t need to be sitting down and reading or doing math to be learning. If they are being active, using their imagination and communicating with siblings, friends, and parents- they are learning as well. We think its so important for kids to have down time, where they can let their minds choose and sift through their interests and focus on that. By allowing kids lots of play time, we can also learn about what their likes and dislikes are, and we can then choose learning activities and find ways to incorporate learning through play time as well!


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