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Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learning


A large portion of students that we work with are kinesthetic learners.  It is difficult to cater to kinesthetic learners in the classroom environment but that is where we come in and yet there are so many of them! I have listed some great tips on catering to kinesthetic learning:

  • Let them move when possible.  If you were quizzing a student on sight words, for example, you could place flash cards around the room and let them move to the word that you say.
  • Draw charts or diagrams of relationships.
  • Use a silly pointer for them to guide their reading.
  • Write, copy, underline and highlight with bright colors.
  • Trace spelling words and facts to aid in memory.
  • Retype notes on the computer.
  • Mold models out of clay
  • Take frequent study breaks
  • Try listening to non-distracting music
  • Flash cards
  • Trace letters, spelling words, and math facts when memorizing
  • Work in a standing position
  • Brainstorm while walking
  • Work with a friend or in a group
  • Chew a different flavor of gum with each subject you study.
  • Hold silly putty in one hand to manipulate while studying.
  • Use musical rhythms for memorization patterns.
  • Rearrange items physically by moving flash cards around.
  • Act things out (use gestures)


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