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Kinesthetic Learning- Fingerprinting Names

Kinesthetic Learning- Fingerprinting Names


I absolutely love kinesthetic learning! Not only does it require a little more creativity, but it is always fun and so many students out there learn best through kinesthetic learning!  Who doesn’t love to try things new ways?

I am working with my 3 year old on learning to spell, say and write his name. He knows all the letters, but seems to get them out of order, so I was brainstorming a fun way to bring in kinesthetics.

I have loads of stamp pads lying around my house, so I printed both of my kids names out on using a handwriting font. You can download this one HERE or use your own.

Once I printed out their names, I grabbed all the stamp pads and told them they had to make a fingerprint on each dash, tracing their names. This actually only took about 5 minutes, but was the quietest 5 minutes all day- they stayed so focused! Bonus!

My youngest wanted to do a variety of colors, my oldest wanted to do only his favorite color- so whichever they prefer.

There are so many other ways you could use this activity to help your student, sight words, spelling words, math counting, etc.

Good luck!

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