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Kids New Years Eve Goals

Kids New Years Eve Goals


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We sure had a great time taking a break and spending all our days and nights with our families. Now we are getting ready to box up the decorations, deep the houses and start a brand new fresh year!

As adults, we are often setting many goals for a new, organized, healthy life in the new year, why not take these ideas to our children and allow them to set kids new years eve goals for themselves!

Kids of course will have a different kind of new years eve goals than adults will, we wanted to find a good activity that would be fun to do as a family with your children.

While searching some great sites online we came across Ladys Bug Teacher Files, which has a variety of learning activities for your children, we encourage you to check them out. The one we really thought was wonderful was the kids new years eve goals page, it has a wonderful free print out for you to help kids new years eve goals get set!

This particular printable offers lots of fun discussion for the kids for kids who are thinking about the new year. It asks them what the best part of the last school year was, if they could do one thing again what it would be, what their goals are for the new year, what they cant wait to do during this new year, and what they want to do during the new year.

Setting goals, that are realistic and achievable for kids is a great habit to start building while they are young. Kids enjoy setting goals that they can see the results from and be proud of their progression in life. This would be a great activity to do yearly and add to a scrapbook to keep as a journal for your kids new years eve goals and watch them change as they grow older, and a fond memory to have to look back at as the years go by.


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