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Fun Idea to Teach Emotion

Fun Idea to Teach Emotion


Young children definitely feel emotion, and a lot of it, but they can be confused by their feelings and not now how to direct their emotions toward certain situations.  Use this super cute activity to as a fun idea to teach emotion.
We should help our student learn about emotions, so they can better understand their own.
Spend some time talking with the child, and ask them what they think certain emotions mean, and what they look like, and what things, events, and people  make them feel happy, sad, mad, glad, scared, excited, etc.
I loved this book The Way I Feel, by Janain Cain. It is simple and explores a variety of emotions and what they look like. You can follow up the book with a fun activity, have students draw different emotions out.  How simple and easy!

Todays blogger feature is Jamey, behind the blog DABBLES AND BABBLES. She is a graphic designer and designed some darling drawing pages for your child to help them with their emotions. You can either list the emotions they should draw out, or let them choose.  You can download these, and see many more of her wonderful ideas at DABBLES AND BABBLES !




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