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Healthy Eating Learning Activities

Healthy Eating Learning Activities

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One of the most important parts of a childs health, is their diet. They should be eating whole real foods. Whole real foods give your students energy that they need to stay alert in school, it helps them stay focused longer, and perform better scholastically. Sometimes we can get in such a rush of getting to and from where we need to be that we grab quick and easy food for our kids. This might be ok for an occasional save, but the majority of the food your children consume should be fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and a lot of water.

There are millions of studies proving the benefits of whole foods with kids. They are growing so much and they need nutrient dense food to strengthen bones, and to learn, and to grow. Their brains are actively growing as well and require iron and other vitamins to help them learn.

With childhood obesity on the rise, it is more important now that ever that we feed our kids whole read foods. We want them to grow, thrive and live full happy active lives.

With that being said, we love multi tasking around here! Whenever possible, we want to combine learning with everything. We took the opportunity to incorporate learning into lunch time. We used little letter cookie cutters to cut out pieces of healthy food items and spelled all sorts of words. Of course, kids love to spell their names but we had a lot of fun spelling other words as well. We were playing with food, but this time it was allowed and it was a blast for the kids.

Not only are the students using healthy food, and letters- but there can never be too much hands on learning! We love healthy eating learning activities  and we plan to post more healthy eating learning activities soon!


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