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Hands On Measurement Activities

Hands On Measurement Activities

Hands On Measurement Activities

Hello Readers! Over the next couple weeks I am going to show you some great ways to help students visualize learning by using pop up notebooks. These great hands on measurement activities are a great way to make a not so exciting concept more fun!

Many students take notes, that are boring and just words on a page. When helping children learn, we wants to find ways to help them remember, and bring them back to the information. Pop up notebooks take abstract ideas and make them more concrete for the hands on learner. In this particular post I want to show a way to teach students about measurement, and how many cups, pints, and quarts are in a gallon.

You need 4 square sheets of paper ( I just cut the bottom off a 8.5×11 sheet) and you layer them on top of each other. I am going to refer to the pictures below so you can see what each paper has written on it. It breaks down the measurement to show you how many if each unit is in a gallon. All the papers are glued to each other in the center, and the center is glued into the notebook so the student can come back and reference at any time.  What a great and fun way for students to practice making those measurement conversions!

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