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Hands on Learning: Learning with Circles

Hands on Learning: Learning with Circles


Today we would like to feature another blog with great ideas for hands on learning activities. offers several great educational activities, and the one we are sharing today incorporates art, reading, and hands on learning! Using Ed Emberlys book, Picture Pie– the students will get a chance to learn about circles, and all the different parts that are within a circle. There are several free printables offered on that post that coordinate with the book, they give your student an opportunity to use hands on learning to build several different objects all taken from a circle shape.

handsonlearningpatterns handsonlearningwithcircles2

There are a wide variety of options, you can sort different colors of circles the student gather. This gives them a lot of hands on learning opportunities. They can gather with their hands, and place the objects into categories in the chart with their hands. They are able to manipulate the location of the objects, and they are building their understanding this way as well.

Hands on learners will learn best when they are given opportunities to move objects, and be physical. They will thrive when they can learn hands on activities and get into a good habit of doing them.

Thanks again to for the great idea!  You can go there for more free printables to use!




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