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Hands on Learning Activity // Shark Attack Math

Hands on Learning Activity // Shark Attack Math

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We love trying new ideas for hands on learning activities with kids. This particular hands on learning activity is a great way to get kids involved in building math facts and figuring out for themselves which is bigger.

All you need is a white board, marker, and number magnets (or you could even just use a pen & paper as well!)

Build math equations that are on your students level. When we are working with our locak Utah County Tutoring students we like to take turns and have the kids build the equations for us to solve as well. Sometimes the tutoring students like to take turns being the ‘teacher’ as well and having the tutor guess the answer!

You can start with number recognition and have the shark eat the largest number, or you can build simple math facts as well. We love games that have a lot of options for modification based on learning needs and abilities.

This hands on learning activity takes hardly any set up time, materials or thought really but it has LOTS of learning and fun involved!


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