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Hands on Counting Activities – Caterpillar Counting

Hands on Counting Activities – Caterpillar Counting

Caterpillar Counting


Anytime we can combine multiple learning opportunities into one activity, we are on board!

Hands on counting activities are not hard to come up with, you just need to use a little creativity.

This is one of our favorite fun hands on counting activities because it combines numeral recognition, fine motor skill practice, and building counting skills all in 1!
Print out this adorable fun counting sheet and use fingerprint paint pads for your students to build caterpillars the length of the numbers displayed.
If you wanted to build on this concept for hands on counting activities you could make this into a race reward chart. I would have each of my kids have the same number chart and they could earn each dot, sticker, fingerprint mark, etc. Whenever they completed a chore, they got to add to their caterpillar. Whenever they listened, they got to add to their caterpillar. Whenever they follow instructions they got to add to their caterpillar. Then, to encourage a little healthy competition I wold have a reward for whichever child was the first to complere a caterpillar.
Thanks to you can help your student with this fun caterpillar counting.
You can access the FREE printout HERE and have your early learner use circle cut outs, stickers, or my favorite – stamping markers to build the caterpillars.
You can change the numbers if you want them to build different numbers as well. You could also add more challenge to this activity by having them build patterns with the caterpillars as well, such as every other color dot.


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