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Good Reading Habits- You May Need to Break One!

Good Reading Habits- You May Need to Break One!

Creating Good Reading Habits- The #1 good reading habit to break


Helping your child develop good reading habits is so important!  Why not help them create these good habits when they are younger- trust me, it will make things a LOT easier in the long run!

We all know that our children should be reading 15-20 minutes per day.  If you have a new or struggling reader, those 15-20 minutes can seem pretty long.  If you are in the good habit of pushing your child to read alone, it may be time to break that habit!

Signs you need to break the habit:

  • Your child does not enjoy reading time.
  • You and your child are frustrated during reading time.
  • Your child’s reading is so slow that it impairs their comprehension.

 What to do instead:

  • Take turns reading pages.
  • Break up independent reading with you reading aloud to them.
  • Read the book aloud to them first and then have them read it to you.
  • Hire a tutor to do the frustrating part of teaching your child to read. You can then read to them for enjoyment to teach them a love of learning.


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