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Geometry Scavenger Hunt!

Geometry Scavenger Hunt!

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Geometry Scavenger Hunt!

This is a fun way to help your teen make essential connections between the geometry they learn in school and geometry in real life.  Plus, it’s fun and integrates some art!  Using cameras, host a contest between family or friends of who can find the most real life examples of geometry.

You will need:

–         1 camera per person participating

–         a list of grade level appropriate (the list could vary depending on the age of your child) geometric terms.  For example, acute angle, concurrent, diameter.

What you will do:

  1. Sit down the list of terms and make sure each participant understands each one.
  2. Take your cameras on an outing.  Each person will look for real-world examples of the different terms and take a picture of them.

* Railroad tracks show parallel lines & window shows a right angle

  1. When you have completed the scavenger hunt, download all the pictures on a computer or have them all developed.
  2. Show your pictures to the group.  Each person gets a point for each picture that correctly demonstrates the geometric term.  Make sure the group agrees that the picture shows the term clearly.
  3. The person who captures the most terms correctly wins!

Alternative Ways to Play:

  1. Pick a specific theme for you pictures.  The theme could make the project more advanced or could help keep your child engaged (if you pick a theme according to his or her interests).  Ex. geometry in nature, sports, or architecture.
  2. If you choose not to use cameras or don’t enough for each player, you could use magazines to search for geometric examples.

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