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Geography for Kids- Landforms & Bodies of Water

Geography for Kids- Landforms & Bodies of Water

Geography for Kids- Landforms and Bodies of Water


I love learning about and teaching geography.  I think it’s so fun to watch students as they navigate their way through the different aspects of geography and learn more about the world around them.  Kids are never to young to start understanding about where they live.  Start small, like your own neighborhood, then your city, then state, then country, continent, and then entire globe.  As work to learn about those areas, help your student see about the actual land- here’s a great idea for that!

I found such a fun & FREE printable packet for students. It is a great and interactive way to learn about  Landforms and bodies of water. The Lesson Plan Diva posted this and it is FREE to print and use!

“This packet focuses on landforms and bodies of water. It includes activities for mountains, plains, valley, hill, river, ocean, pond, and lake. This pack includes:

2 Venn Diagrams
Land and Water Identification cut and paste
Land Graphic Organizer
Water Graphic Organizer
Landforms Mini-Book
Bodies of Water Mini-Book
4 Land Anchor Charts
4 Water Anchor Charts
4 Individual Landforms Printables
4 Individual Water Printables
Land and Water Assessment
Land Flipbook
Water Flipbook

Please check it out HERE! Thank you Lesson Plan Diva!
Also, check out for more great geography ideas!


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