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Fun Valentines Ideas

Fun Valentines Ideas

Valentines Ideas

I love these ideas for sending treats on Valentines Day. My boys would love these monster boxes.


“Cupid’s Arrows” many not actually make anyone at school fall in love, but that doesn’t make them any less fun share!  3 reasons we love this idea:!  Win, win, win!

All Aquiver - Image Collection
Sometimes I feel like my kids get so much candy during the holidays!  Kids will go wild for these fun, inventive jungle-toy cards.
Animal Attractions - Image Collection
This looks like a fun, simple valentine!  Just take a picture of your child with their hand out stretched and then insert a sucker!


I love spending a good, winter afternoon making holiday crafts with my kids!  They would love making these little mice and then either passing them out to their friends or using them to decorate our house with little jars of candy.

Valentine Mice

Here’s another fun craft!  This one is more hands-on and takes more time, but turns out super cute!

Stained Glass Hearts Valentine

Here’s a quick set of directions:

How to make it

  1. Be My Valentine: Stained-glass Hearts - Step 1Peel the paper off the crayons. Use a pencil sharpener to shave them over a large sheet of waxed paper.
  2. Be My Valentine: Stained-glass Hearts - Step 2Place a flattened paper bag on your ironing board, then set the crayon-covered waxed paper on top of it. Cover the shavings with a second piece of waxed paper and then another flattened bag. Heat the iron then slowly and evenly press the surface of the top bag. Continue ironing until the crayon shavings are evenly melted.
  3. Be My Valentine: Stained-glass Hearts - Step 3

    Once the waxed paper is cool, your child can cut out a bunch of hearts. If he opts for larger hearts, he can use a permanent marker to print greetings directly on them. Smaller confetti-style hearts are great for filling store-bought cards.

A big thanks to for some of our great, fun valentines ideas!


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