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Free Printable Donut Memory Game

Free Printable Donut Memory Game

Welcome back to our blog! We have had a lot of cleaning up going on around here and we love our new layout!

We will be featuring a new blog every week to give you fun and educational ideas to help your kids.

Today, we wanted to keep it light and feature on of our favorite bloggers, Oh Happy Day. She is an amazing event planner in San Francisco and a beautiful fun mother.  She created this gorgeous free printable on her blog you can use for so many fun things.


Memory games are a great way to get little minds working. They can be very simple, or more complex as needed.

When our tutors come work with their clients in the home, they love to play games to help your children learn through hands on creative learning, so we LOVE finding resources we can share with you to use in your own home.

Oh happy day created a free printable and we loved the idea of using it for a donut memory game! It is such an easy thing to print and cut out, then of course PLAY with your kids.


Head over to her blog for the download instructions, enjoy!!

We love to work with bloggers, please feel free to submit your ideas to us at


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