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Pizza Fractions- Be your child’s fractions math tutor!

Pizza Fractions- Be your child’s fractions math tutor!

I love this idea from Rockabye Butterfly on using pizza to teach your students about fractions! You too can use some of her great ideas to be your child’s fractions math tutor!

Yummy Fractions:


Rockabye Butterfly took the pizza concept and did tons of activities to encourage excitement about fractions for these learners! She definitely appealed to all the senses, which is so great in learning. First they cooked real pizza. Every kid loves to learn with food! Next, they made a craft pizza on paper plates and played with a wooden puzzle that had the fraction pieces divided up. Finally, they cut up their own fractions pieces and worked hands on building the fraction pizzas. What a great and involved activity! When you are being a math tutor, it is great to present the principles in many different ways so that the children can see how the principles apply to many different situations.

Crafts and other hands on fractions

IMG_3999 IMG_4005 IMG_4006

IMG_4008IMG_4009 IMG_4016

Did you know that fruits also make great fraction tools? Bananas split into 1/3 pieces long ways naturally.  You can also look at the fraction slices in an orange. Have fun being your child’s fractions math tutor.


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