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Essay Writing Made Fun!

Essay Writing Made Fun!

Essay Writing Made Fun- Smarties Essay!

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My husband teaches High School English and he showed me this idea he uses for introducing essay writing to his sophomores. Its called the “Smartie Essay.”  Often times students can see essay writing as boring and mundane.  We love this idea because it can be help essay writing a bit more fun!

To understand this essay style, you need to imagine a roll of smarties, tipped up on its side….

Refer to the picture below…
Explanations will follow. As you can see, the graph resembles a smarties candy wrapper. You can read through each section to see what each part of your essay will need. The introduction paragraph is where you introduce what you are going to talk about to the reader- just like opening the candy, this the section where you ‘open’ or introduce your topic. In part 2, there will be 3 paragraphs. Each needs to have a new point that supports your thesis. These sections need to be mostly facts, they can have some mixed personal opinion, but support your these as much as possible with factual information. In the final section- you will conclude your essay with a paragraph where you restate your thesis, and close with a powerful statement ending.

I hope this layout can help you set up and carry through with a well organized essay! smartiessmartiesessay


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