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Easter Egg Education!

Easter Egg Education!

Easter Egg Education


One of my favorite things to do is try to find a way to make learning fun.  I have seen kids absorb so much more when they are enjoying themselves while learning, but also when the activities are made hands-on. Additionally, holidays are so much fun for kids, so I try to ‘sneak’ learning into a holiday activities.
Today I used simple cheap plastic Easter Eggs to teach my preschooler.  I like to call it Easter Egg Education!
On one egg I wrote consonants & word families, as the child rotates the egg- they can sound out the different words they make. I also made another egg with numbers on each half, and we did simple addition and subtraction facts aloud as well.
If you tried these simple activities, you may LOVE the ones from this site!  I Know I did- 10 more great educational things to do with all those eggs you have lying around your house.  Including simple experiments, matching games, art projects and more!


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