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Early Literacy Infographics

Early Literacy Infographics

Early Literacy Infographics

My sister started working as an infographics designer last year, and I have to admit I had no idea what she did. Once she showed me I was hooked! Infographics are a new innovative way to present information visually. They are more fun to read then a boring paragraph, and they contain TONS of information. They feel interactive and engaging. It is now my go to reference when I google a topic I want to learn about I throw ‘infographic’ to the end of it, I would much rather read about anything this way.

I found THIS infographic on Early Literacy and the importance of access to books for children on their long term literacy. Please read it and become informed. As it states, the more books your child has access to, the better. So encourage full use of the library and have as many books available to them as possible.  Read to your child whenever possible, ask them to tell you about the pictures, encourage them to look through books on their own, and just make books fun!  Also, setting a good example by reading often as well will help them too.



Then join me in the love of infographics!  Such a cool way to learn!


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