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Christmas Learning Activity – Nativity Packet

Christmas Learning Activity – Nativity Packet

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We all love to get into fun traditional activities with our kids around here, we hope you do too! When all of the students get out on christmas break, you may struggle keeping them entertained, or also you might want to make sure they are still learning while they are home so they dont back track during the break. However, you dont want to overwhelm your kids- they deserve a holiday break and what kind of a break would it be if you are fighting them to do homework the whole time! This is the answer for you. Fun and engaging christmas learning activities.

If you like to focus on the nativity story during christmas, we really think you will enjoy this christmas learning activity preschool packet we found online. It has a variety of activities your students can do, and they will learn and have fun at the same time. Its free to download and easy for kids of all ages to do interdependently. offers a beautiful and clean design that engages and entertains!

There are several christmas learning activities from tracing, to counting, to phonics. Matching and organizing as well.


This particular christmas learning activity really stood out to me because its a free download, it has several learning actvities and its a lot of fun and interactive games that do 3 things. It will help your child learn about the nativity story, it will help them practice learning skills and they will enjoy doing it as well! This is a fun christmas learning activity you could do during the couple weeks your child is home on a break from school to give them a small learning activity to keep learning, even while on a break from school.

You can download the christmas learning activity preschool packet  HERE



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