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Building Patterns in Math / Holiday Activity for Kids

Building Patterns in Math / Holiday Activity for Kids



Building patterns in math is easy to do, with small children. You can set up any objects into patterns, it gives the student the opportunity to build patterns and now we are going to show you a way to incorporate holiday fun into building patterns in math. One of the best ways to ‘sneak’ learning in – is disguise it as a fun game! Building patterns in math is even more fun this way! I have been working on building patterns with my pre-kindergartner. Today, we decided to use stickers & Hershey Kisses to help him build patterns. Not only was it fun, and used hands on learning – but it was also delicious! I was able to reward my child, when he was done working together with me building patterns in math, he was able to eat a hershey kiss. A little chocolate goes a long way in learning!  We used holiday themed things such as stickers and different colored candies. He also got to choose which ones represented A, B & C.  He started with AB patterns, then ABC- its pretty self explanatory as you can see in the photos. Try using some holiday stickers, stamps, treats etc to build patterns with your early learner! Building patterns in math is always more fun when you can add some holiday charm to the learning activity. It gives your student a chance to get some hands on learning in all while playing a really fun holiday game!


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