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Building Number Sense

Building Number Sense

Building Number Sense

I saw this idea online and LOVED it! When we are trying to teach children number sense – it can be very confusing for them. If they get overwhelmed and bored, they will check out and no longer be interested.  And we don’t want them to do that since building number sense is so important and key to higher math understanding.
This game would be such a fun way to encourage them to think, and its an enjoyable way to learn!
You will need a Hundreds Chart (like THIS ONE)


Once you have the chart, you need to make an overlay- like this one pictured below.


To make this a game for the child – you will expose one number (example shown – 54) you then will ask the student what is 1 more- 1 less, 10 more and 10 less. They can check their answers as they go along and get a point for each one they get right,
Take turns and let the child expose a number for you to guess- they can also play this game along side another student and both will be equally challenged.

Hopefully this activity will be a fun one for your students!


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