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Blogger Feature// Toast With Cheese

Blogger Feature// Toast With Cheese

As you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. In an effort to highlight the growing need and concerns for children with autism, we want to share a few of our favorite ideas to help autistic children learn. Today we are featuring the blog Toast With Cheese. Toast with Cheese is written by one of the most proactive mothers we know! She is a shining example of standing as an advocate for her child, for helping others understand autism and most importantly – she wants to send positive messages of optimism to other parents with autistic children. Toast with Cheese is not only a blog for parents of autistic children, it has several ideas for parenting. learning, even picky eating that can help ANY child. So make sure you follow them! Today they are talking about fidgets.

Fidgets: by Toast With Cheese

There are many times when I am teaching and I grab a stress ball and just squeeze it in my hand. I do this for several reasons. I use this strategy when I am tired, irritated, stressed, or to concentrate. Wait.. what? A toy for concentration? Yes.

Here are the fidgets that my students like the most:

  • Stress balls: it is awesome sensory to squeeze something in your hand. It keeps your hands moving and gives this awesome feeling of your fingers being tired but awesome.
  • Kickband: if you put an exercise band or resistance band (I don’t know what people call it these days) on the front legs of a chair it provides something to kick and get the resistance that some of my students need.
  • Playdough/Puddy: I talked about in a previous post, but if used as a ‘tool not a toy’ it is super effective. There are different kinds with different resistances. I have seen regular playdough, or bubber (which is not as dense) or play foam or floam.
  • Sensory bottles: these are great to calm down or take a break. I am not a big fan of my students taking a break in the hallway, so these are great for a break inside of the classroom. It is super relaxing to see the sparkles settle.
  • Balloons with flour inside: If you take a balloon and put flower inside of it, it makes something that students are able to squeeze. I am sure you can put a variety of things inside of a balloon depending on what your student likes the best.



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