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Back To School Dinner Celebration

Back To School Dinner Celebration

Back To School Dinner 1

Its that time of year! Kids are heading back to school and most are getting a little nervous for the new year. There are lots of ways to help your kids get excited for the changes ahead, and one idea we love is throwing a special Back To School Dinner Celebration. Let your kids be involved in helping you plan the party.

Back to School Dinner 2

They can help you decorate, they can choose the menu, and they can help prep! Our kids wanted to be able to color on the table- so we got some paper to cover the dining table and some new crayons, and we labeled each plate for each member of the family, and the kids got to color and decorate the table while they were waiting for dinner to cook.

Back to School Dinner 3

We used school books, apples and animals to decorate this Back To School Dinner Celebration and we ate Mac N Cheese, and made dirt cups for dessert! During the dinner we talked with the kids and we chose a goal to work on as a family. Instead of New Years Eve, why not let the start of a new school year be the time to set a few goals? We chose Obedience! During dinner the kids colored, laughed, set goals and they got to ask us any questions about school they could think of!

Back to School Dinner 5

Following dinner, we used this set of questions to interview the boys and we filmed it. It will be a fun time stamp to look back on each year and see how the grow, what new things they learn and watch them get excited about school & learning! We hope you can find a fun way to celebrate with your family too!

Back to School Dinner 3


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